How does the Coala work?

Coala is a unique Swedish invention. An advanced and easy wireless solution to allow everyone to quickly control/monitor their heart. Coala is based on unique patented technology based on more than 10 years of Swedish research and development. Coala is composed of both digital technology which record and digitalize the sound of your heart, as well as sensors for reading the heart's electrical impulses with ECG.

To achieve maximal precision and basis for the analysis the Coala uses both digital chest-ECG and a thumb-ECG. With the Coala system you get maximal accessibility without limiting/compromising your everyday life, as there’s no need for affixing electrodes and bulky machines.

The advanced algorithms Coala use for its analysis are developed in Sweden and validated in cooperation with Lund University and Karolinska University Hospital. The analysis gives you a result within seconds – directly to your smartphone.

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