How to make a Coala measurement

Be sure to sit comfortably while measuring to ensure the best results. Avoid lying down or standing up.

Chest measurement:
Keep the Coala between your thumb and middle finger. Gently place the Coala just to the left of the sternum and just above your nipple as shown below.

It is important that the Coala is kept upright (with the text on the device facing down). Press the heart button with your index finger to start measuring. Gently hold the Coala, and keep it steady, during the entire measuring process.

Try to relax and breathe normally! Avoid talking while measuring to ensure the best measurement quality.

Thumb measurement:
Place your thumbs on the electrodes. The system will start when it has adequate contact. Try to hold the Coala in a position where you feel relaxed. If you are sitting down and resting your forearms against a table, or your legs, you will get the best results from your measurement. See picture below for guidance in placing your thumbs on the electrodes. 

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