Charging the Coala

Unpack the Coala Charging Station from the box and place it flat on a table. Connect the USB cable to the Coala Charging Station and connect wall adapter to main power outlet. Charge by gently pushing the Coala into the Coala charging station as shown below. The Coala should now start blinking with a blue light to indicate that it is charging. The Coala will show a steady blue light once it is fully charged (up to about 2 hours charging time).

The Coala should be carefully placed in the Coala Charge Station by noting correct orientation and sliding it into place. Do not use force or press straight down on the Coala to get it in place.

The Coala can be charged from the supplied wall adapter or any compatible USB outlet. Ensure the battery is charged regularly, and that it is fully charged before first use.

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