Which Arrhythmias Can the Coala Identify?

The software does a detailed analysis of the ECG signal, and a variety of information is presented describing the content of the signal in various ways. Based on the software’s perception of the medical “importance” of the signal, each signal is placed within a category. The process of categorization is similar to the way a doctor makes a preliminary diagnosis by studying the signal.

The Coala Heart Monitor can indicate three different categories.
  • Category 1 indicates that the results appear normal, meaning that the Coala found no rhythm deviation (only insignificant irregular beats present). 
  • Category 2 indicates signs of atrial fibrillation, meaning that the Coala found an irregular sequence with or without P waves (atrial fibrillation (AF) or paroxysmal AF). 
  • Category 99 indicates an unclassified heart rhythm. Some detected abnormalities are frequent in the general population. These do not always require care or further interventions but can be important to monitor the development of.
It is recommended that you perform an additional recording and that you are extra careful and ensure that you are still during the recording.

Always call Emergency if you experience a strong, oppressive or cramping pain in your chest, that does not go away within 15 minutes, or if you have a vague, diffuse or unpleasant feel in the chest, that does not have a natural harmless explanation while at the same time feeling out of breath, nausea, cold sweat, or experiencing apparent irregular heartbeats.

For any other condition it is recommended that you contact your assigned Health Care Provider for further investigation and diagnosis.
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